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4 Ways on How the Online Gaming Community Promotes Sportsmanship

April 25, 2018 0 comments 5 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

Similar to other sports, competition and sportsmanship are key factors to online gaming success.


How does the online gaming community promote sportsmanship?

  1. It teaches the value of losing
  2. It familiarizes players with other cultures
  3. It amplifies the desire to become better
  4. It teaches respect



Today, esports in the Philippines has become mainstream. Unlike before when gaming wasn’t recognized as a competitive field and was mainly operated underground, it is now considered a sport, and there is always a chance to encounter a gamer wherever you may go.

In fact, this doesn’t apply to just the Philippines. Gaming in Southeast Asia has grown exponentially as well, and it has millions of players from Malaysia to Singapore. No matter what time you decide to go online and play a few rounds, there is always someone ready to play with you.

Some argue that esports isn’t a “true” sport, and while they present some fair points, sports will always be about the competition and a ground where people can prove their skills and talents. It may not require as much physical activity as traditional sports, but it isn’t really different—a lot of training is necessary to improve; not to mention that it provides a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment as well.

Similarly, the spirit of sportsmanship can be found in esports in the Philippines as well. True, you won’t be directly talking and shaking hands with the people you play with, but there will still be the feeling of respect for better players, and the longing for worthwhile and hard-fought matches.

Read on to find out about how the online gaming community promotes sportsmanship.



It Teaches Humility

It Teaches Humility

For a long time, one thing has been common among a lot of gamers: the way they react to whatever happens in the game they are playing. If they win, they are happy. If they lose, they get frustrated (sometimes too much), blame it on bad game design, and quit—before playing again a few minutes or hours later.

No one wants to lose. Everyone knows this. The bad thing about this is that some players would much rather have an undeserved or easy win than an honorable loss.

In the online gaming community, this way of thinking isn’t acceptable. Players either accept defeat, train to get better and play again, or get angry at their opponents and throw hateful words at them, only to get reported to moderators after.

In online gaming, players learn that losing isn’t an embarrassment. Rather, it is a reminder that they must train harder, and a benchmark that can aid in their growth.



It Familiarizes Players with Other Cultures

Most of the time, the matches you will be participating in will be between players in the same country. This won’t be a problem as you’re familiar with how they talk and act—you’ll fit right in without effort. However, there will be times when you will be playing against players from other countries.

Naturally, you can’t talk to them the same way you would players in your country. Some words that are acceptable in your country might be offensive in another country, and vice versa. Add the fact that you can only communicate with them via chat or voice, and you’re really going to have to work on being polite.

Online games provide a tiny window through which the culture of people from other nations can be seen. Being able to adjust to whoever you’re playing with not only ensures that they have a great time, but also improves your overall status as a player.



It Amplifies the Desire to Get Better

As mentioned above, some people either win and move on, or lose and quit. In the online gaming community, someone out there is prepared to defeat you, just when you thought you’re as good as you can be.

Some gamers are content with staying where they are, but the most devoted players are the ones that wish to get better than themselves the day before. They acknowledge the high level of competition in the gaming world, and know that they must always be ready to go toe-to-toe in case they go up against an extremely talented opponent.



It Teaches Respect

It Teaches Respect

Losing truly is inevitable. Regardless of the sport, it’s a stepping stone that is experienced by everyone at least once in their career.

Aside from letting players know that they have to get better, losing also teaches one important lesson in both sports and life: respect.

Recognizing superior players is a huge leap in becoming a better player. If one can do that, then other players will learn to respect him too. Remember, the top players in the planet were once losers who praised their opponents for being skilled and thanked them for the opportunity to play.



Key Takeaway

Sportsmanship is often symbolized by handshakes and hugs between opposing players. While this isn’t applicable in the online gaming community, it is a concept that is still understood and followed by players. Hence, online gaming promotes sportsmanship just as well as any other sport, and enhances the overall gaming experience for all players.

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