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5 Tips on How to Adapt to the Online Gaming Community

March 26, 2018 0 comments 6 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

What are some tips on how to adapt to the online gaming community?

  1. Establish yourself as a good player.
  2. Know the language.
  3. Play for the team, not for yourself.
  4. Pay attention to what they tell you.
  5. Act professionally.



The online gaming community has been around for quite some time now, and it has been growing continuously since the rise of esports in the last few years.

Gaming in the Philippines has become much more prominent as compared to the last decade and has truly gone a long way from casual sessions with friends to competitive gaming with the best online.

Online gaming is not something you can thrive in alone. Coordinating with your teammates is vital, and to be able to accomplish that, you will need to be able to adapt to them, and to the online gaming community in general.

While it may be easy to blend in with fellow players who share the same culture as you do, the same could not be said for those who are not. In this case, how they see you as a gamer and individual will depend on how well you play in-game, and how you behave and talk in the community.

It may take some getting used to, but there really isn’t any reason to be nervous about becoming part of the online gaming community. They’re every bit as human as you are, and if you follow the tips you’ll read about in this article, you’ll have nothing to worry about.



Establish Yourself as a Good Player

Establish Yourself as a Good Player

The most well-known professional gamers didn’t get to where they are right now by any method other than playing at an extremely high level. These people earned the respect of many by winning hard-fought matches and being competitive to the bone.

In the gaming community, you can be classified as any one of the three below:

  • a high-level player who wins matches and can take over the game when needed,
  • an average player who is generally okay to play with, but can be inconsistent, and
  • a player who brings his teammates down, and should be avoided.

You don’t necessarily have to be a gaming superhero, but you certainly should avoid being classified as the third.

That said, how fellow players will see you depends on how good you are as a player. The better you play, the more they will respect you, and the easier it’s going to be for you to adapt.



Know the Language

Playing the game like a true pro is a great thing, but knowing everything about it—including the vocabulary—contributes in proving that you deserve to be a part of the community.

An argument could be made that the best players don’t need communication to play with each other really well, but unless you have been playing with the same team for years, this doesn’t apply to you.

Knowing the language of the game by heart results in better communication with your teammates, which minimizes mistakes in your team play—and plays a major role in executing strategies effectively and ultimately winning.



Play for the Team, Not for Yourself

Play for the Team, Not for Yourself

News flash: being exceptional at the game doesn’t instantly make you a good player.

There is one sad truth about many who are into gaming in the Philippines: they play for their own achievements. They would much rather lose and have the highest individual score on the team than have less-than-stellar statistics and win. Their individual reasons as to why they have this mentality are unknown, but one thing is for sure: it isn’t right.

Individual accolades aren’t a bad thing, but when the game is on the line, your team success takes precedence. Your score may not show it, but your teammates will know and appreciate what you have done for the team—which is much better than having the highest score.



Pay Attention to What They Tell You

The online gaming community is not just composed of the games—there are forums, group conversations, and discussion boards; where players talk about anything from bugs to notorious and commendable players.

You may find yourself the subject of a conversation, where some players are talking about how you are as a player. In this scenario, take note of their comments, as they can help point out the areas you are good at, and the areas where you lack something in.

However, you may come across pointless and spam comments—feel free to ignore them.



Act Professionally

Act Professionally

More often than not, you will come across players who rage quit and curse like it’s a full-time job. When you do, there’s no course of action other than handling it like a real professional.

In a competitive field, people are always bound to get heated up. Things may get out of hand from there, but it is your responsibility as a professional gamer to keep a level head.

Remember, people would much rather play with humble and sportsmanlike players, than cocky and noisy ones.

Acting professionally guarantees that people will play with you over and over again.



Key Takeaway

Joining the online gaming community will require some adjustments, but they aren’t too difficult if you know where to start.

It’s more than just becoming a master at the game—it’s also being able to acknowledge your shortcomings and knowing how to handle unpleasant situations. Only by being earning respect in and out of the game can you be considered a true, professional gamer.

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