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The State of Philippine esports

December 18, 2017 0 comments 4 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

Historically, the Philippine esports scene has had little to no recognition because of the below-average, almost to the point of disappointing, performances by Philippine esports teams. The Philippines was originally a country wherein no one expected for it to perform excellently in the international scene of any esports gaming groups.


However, without a shadow of a doubt, 2016 has been the best year for the Philippine esports scene. The Philippines’ reputation for being a second-rate competitor to other countries that excel in esports is slowly changing due to the fact that the Philippines is slowly rising as a fierce competitor – inside and outside the game. Since the start of 2016, multiple international esports events humbled us with their presence in the country which definitely helped Filipino professional players make a name for themselves all around the world. So, without further ado, here is the state of Philippine esports.




The State of Philippine esports

Image Source: https://www.themasters.gg/manila-2017/news/final-three-masters

The State of Philippine esports

Even though the Philippines was a place where local and lesser-known international events were held, 2016 took it up a notch. 2016 in the Philippines highlighted renowned events and took pride in holding local events that attracted professional players from other countries.


The esports game that helped solidify the Philippines as one of the premier places where prestigious events could be held in is DotA 2. For the very first time, the Philippines became the host of one of DotA 2’s premier tournaments, ESL One Manila. It featured the world’s 8 best teams that battle it out in the hopes of claiming the massive cash prize of $250,000. ESL One Manila became one of the stepping stones in which the Philippines was able to be recognized by other esports-famous countries.


The world was truly skeptical on how the Philippines would fare in the lesser-known Philippines. Even if the news of holding ESL One in the Philippines spelled good news for the local scene, it also meant a huge risk. The risk entailed that if the event was unsuccessful, it would lead to the discouragement of future organizers from holding competitions in the country.


Surprisingly, ESL One Manila was a complete success and even raised the standard for future tournaments in terms of production value. The crowd was filled with excitement, the tournament was intense, the production quality was excellent, and it was, most importantly, memorable. ESL One will surely be included in the history books as one of the most successful esports events in the Philippines.


This event was definitely the highlight of 2016 and 2017 in the Philippine esports scene. Although one can argue that it is not just about the Philippine esports scene but also the whole DotA 2 scene.


The foothold that was established during 2016 was definitely one of the most important events to happen to the Philippine esports scene. These two events from just a single game have helped the Philippines’ reputation in esports skyrocket to the point of gaining the approval of other countries that are successful in their esports endeavor.


Key Takeaway

The state of Philippine esports has definitely taken a turn for the better. From the hardships of the inability of the Philippine esports scene to gather events to the shining moment of having two of the most prestigious events for a game to happen on the same year, the Philippines is now a country that can contend with foreign countries that specialize in esports.

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