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6 Countries in Southeast Asia with Growing Players

March 01, 2018 0 comments 6 min. read
By mineskijuno

What are the best countries from Southeast Asia with growing players?

  1. The Philippines
  2. Indonesia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Singapore
  5. Malaysia
  6. Thailand


With all that has been established about Southeast Asia, it’s safe to establish that the region has become known for their ever-growing dynamics in esports. Southeast Asia is definitely one of the biggest capitals in the world when it comes to esports. Not only do they offer a wide array of games and trainings, thanks to the various games cafes all around, the teams that hail from the region has become known for being one of the most tough-to-beat players in the history of gaming (take Mineski for instance). Plus, Southeast Asia hosts a variety of countries under their belt, which means a lot more trouble for other players overseas should they want to go head-to-head with some of the best the region has to offer.


With that said, esports in Southeast Asia has spread its influence towards gamers all around the world.  With the ever-growing teams of players making the rise to the top, there are more than enough reasons to include the countries they represent in this very piece you’re reading. Here are some of the best and notable countries around the region with growing players!



The Philippines

Let’s start with one of the most famous countries around Southeast Asia in which esports is lived and breathed by the many gamers that hail from the Pearl of the Orient: The Philippines! As mentioned before, when it comes to any of the most notable teams that hail from the Philippines, Mineski is one of the best bets you can bet on! With an ever-growing dynamic between team members and other players alike, Mineski has continued to expand their influence throughout the Philippine gaming community!


In addition, Mineski has continued to improve so through their very own gaming café, which in turn has led to numerous aspiring gamers to make a name of themselves and get recognized in the Southeast Asian esports community.




Indonesia is known for a lot of things, particularly in many things involving tourism and cuisine. However, who knew that Indonesia can actually make themselves known in the world of esports gaming?


Conquering the online scene, Indonesia is definitely an esports capital for you to watch out for! With a number of victories under their belt, there is no doubt that Indonesia will always be ready to put you back in school and in your place!




A country with a history that’s just as rich as others, it’s undeniable that Vietnam definitely has their own tricks up their sleeves. For esports, the numerous teams that hail from Vietnam have claimed victory numerous times that their track record can prove a little tough to beat at times. So, if you’re going to go up against the beast, then you might want to gather your team and get to training!




Singapore is one of the best countries to visit, with all their stunning cuisine, infrastructure, and of course, the variety they offer when it comes to esports, which you can be sure is just as diverse as the country itself! In this case, there are more than enough opportunities you can consider for the world of esports. Not only can you get the opportunity to form your own team to conquer the playing fields, you can also get your hands on numerous games that are just as amazing as the others you’ve played. In any case, when it comes to any esports tournament you want to compete in, this is one country you really don’t want to mess with!




If you’ve been following the world of esports lately, various teams from around the world have been flocking together to represent their country with pride around the world. When it comes to representing the pride of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the many esports countries that never fail to impress! With such impressive strategies at play on their part as well as amazing gameplay etiquette displayed on most esports tournaments they are in, Malaysia is definitely a great addition to this list!




Another example for a country with growing esports players in Southeast Asia, Thailand definitely has their own flair going on! With just as much variety for their players, as well as the games on the market, Thailand is surely a country you will definitely want to look for in the Southeast Asian esports community.


Key Takeaway

They don’t call these countries the top six for nothing! So, with all that has been written about the wonders of Southeast Asia, it’s no argument that the world of esports has certainly thrived in the region. There is truly no doubt that the number of players will continue to grow and prosper through the years to come!

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