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4 Ways to Improve and Earn Respect in the Online Gaming Community

April 03, 2018 0 comments 6 min. read
By mineskijuno

The online gaming community constantly evolves. Keep up and adapt to these changes!

What are the ways to improve and earn respect in the online gaming community?

  1. Never stop honing your skills.
  2. Watch your language.
  3. Show respect to those who deserve it.
  4. Help out others just like others have helped you out.



The online gaming community is extremely huge. Millions of players from all around the world are online all the time, whether they are gaming from their own setup at home or at an Internet and games cafe. In fact, if you decided to go online right now, it’s a certainty that you’re going to find someone to play with.

Having more players is good for the gaming industry. This means more people to play against and more users to keep the community active. However, not all of these players are necessarily good—there are times when you’ll wonder why people bother playing with a particular player, or why someone keeps throwing insults at you online. These are the kinds of players everyone wants to avoid, and the kind you certainly don’t want to become.

In this article, you will be reading about things that you could do to become a more respected player in the online gaming community.



Never Stop Honing Your Skills

The gaming world isn’t like ordering fast food over the phone—the players really don’t care much about what you have to say in-game. Nobody wants to hear you promise that you’ll help them win; what they want is for you to deliver.

Before entering the online community, make sure that you have developed your skills to a point where you’re able to hold your own against highly skilled players. This process involves numerous hours of single player practice, watching tapes of other competitive matches, and practicing with friends.

Even after you have established yourself as a great player online, the learning process doesn’t stop there. In fact, it never stops. Relentlessly seeking to improve your game will slowly turn you into a complete player—which is something that commands respect on its own.


 Watch Your Language

Watch Your Language

There is truth in that other players care more about what you can do in the game than how you sell yourself with your words, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to think twice about the things you intend to say. You may be a top-100 or top-50 player, but if you talk nonsense and act like a jerk more than you should, people will always think twice before even considering to play with you.

If your teammate fails to execute the game plan, then tell him about it. If he devises a strategy and you see some holes in it, positive criticism is always an option. What you shouldn’t do is swear at him just because you think you’re right or better. The importance of teamwork can never be stressed enough.

By choosing the right words to say, people will see you as someone pleasant to play with, and this helps in building a name for yourself.



Show Respect to Those Who Deserve It

Let’s face it, everyone has a different way of adapting to online play. Some players take years to become experts and masters, while others are prodigious from the get-go. Regardless, if you encounter someone who has proven to be a great player and is looked upon by many in the community, then it’s certain that he worked really hard to get there.

These are the type of players who have contributed to other players and the game itself, and the type who deserve your respect.

Never forget to show respect where respect is due, whether if it’s to the top competitor in your country or just to a player who gave you a great game. Before you’re ready to earn respect, you must first learn to give it.


 Help Out Others Just Like Others Have Helped You Out

Help Out Others Just Like Others Have Helped You Out

The online gaming community would not be a community if it was every man for himself.

Each and every player is an important part of it, and contribute to its development in their own unique ways. The better one player is and the more he can affect the players around positively, the more these other players will grow, and so will the players around them—and so on.

Give it some time, and you will eventually find yourself at the upper echelon, alongside the players you were once looking up to. From that point of view, you might see the community in an entirely different way. You will see the players striving to get to where you are at, those whom you have surpassed, and those who genuinely wanted you to succeed and helped you do so.

The one thing you should always keep at the back of your head is the fact that without the players surrounding you, you wouldn’t be anything in the community. You would have no way to know if you were a good player, and no one would have helped you grow. Help other players grow just as they helped you.

By taking time to help them, you are not only contributing to their success—you’re also establishing yourself as both a talented player and patient mentor, and the players you’ve helped will continue holding you in the highest regard even when they reach the top.



Key Takeaway

In the online gaming community, having higher win counts doesn’t automatically equate to more respect. It’s also about how you affect your fellow players and the way you carry yourself.

Being a skilled player is good, but if you don’t have the other characteristics such as professional ethics and the desire to constantly improve, you can’t be a complete player that the community can respect and look up to.

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