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How Internet Cafes Helped Grow the esports Community

February 02, 2018 0 comments 7 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

How did internet cafes help in the growth of the esports community?

  1. They serve as great training grounds for aspiring professional gamers.
  2. They are mostly open 24/7.
  3. They provide comfort for numerous gamers.
  4. They are convenient in terms of location.
  5. They offer affordable rates.
  6. They offer a lot of diversity in online gaming.


Gaming has always been at the top of its own game — no pun intended! In fact, since the very concept of video games were introduced several decades ago, millions and millions of gamers have continued to make their marks across the gaming community, especially the now-common esports community. Another thing to note on this is none other than the evolution and advancement of technology, all thanks to the Internet. With this being said, the emergence of numerous internet cafes has become an instrumental factor to consider when it comes to talking about a career in esports, or rather the esports community as a whole.


In the Philippines, internet cafés around the corner are a common sight to every typical Filipino. Not only do these establishments provide them with a relaxing place for them to do their work, it also helps the numerous youths that flock to these establishments to launch a career in the esports community. Of course, there are other aspects to consider with this particular matter at hand and with the various points that all contribute to the growing of the esports community, a great discussion is definitely up ahead, such as these specific ones:



Internet Cafes Can Serve as Great Training Grounds

Of course, should you want to launch a career of your own in any field there is, particularly gaming, the right training ground should be in order. Luckily, for everyone involved with the esports community, an internet café around the block is the best route to take for anyone looking to launch a career in esports. Not only does it teach you how to strategize, play the game, and work with a team, it also gives you an overall layout on how to operate in an esports team as a whole.



Most Internet Cafes Are Open 24 7

Most Internet Cafes Are Open 24/7

Speaking of ‘training’, nothing is to be gained when done only in a short time. So, why not spend a majority of your time training with fellow gamers and masters in none other than internet cafés?


In the Mineski-produced documentary, “Dekada: The Ronald ‘Rhoms’ Story”, details of this very notion is told by one of the founders of Mineski himself, Ronald “Rhom” Robins. After being unceremoniously logged out by the operator of the internet café they were training in, Mineski Infinity eventually opened its doors to those who wished to train themselves in the competitive atmosphere, no matter how long it can take. Nonetheless, for those who wish to, or have launched themselves to the esports radar, 24/7 internet cafes are to be given thanks!



Internet Cafes Provide Comfort in Gaming

Internet Cafes Provide Comfort in Gaming

After all, who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve just finished a game despite the fact that they’re still playing it? Not only are their locations convenient to most gaming enthusiasts, most internet cafés are able to provide comfort and leisure for the various members of the gaming community, especially the esports community as well. Amenities such as food, refreshments, and even other amenities that are featured in certain internet cafés are all applicable in this aspect as they all aim to make every gamer feel as comfortable as they want whilst they mash away the buttons to victory!



Internet Cafes Are Convenient in Location

Internet Cafes Are Convenient in Location

Thankfully, when you feel the urge to go out and play some video games, you won’t have to look very far. Chances are that, in your very own neighborhood, there is always at least one internet café ready to serve you. Sure, the establishments may vary, as well as the features and amenities they showcase. Nonetheless, being able to find a convenient location to play video games other than the comfort of your own home can be a great thing to consider… and pretty much a really good reason to go outside and play with other gamers!



Most Rates Internet Cafes Are Affordable in Price

Most Rates Internet Cafes Are Affordable in Price

Not only can you find a really convenient location to put your gaming skills to use, you can also do so for a great and fair price. The best thing about this is that most internet cafés handle their rates by the hour, which in turn widens their reach in their range of customers from the everyday, on-the-go, casual citizen to the full-fledged master in the art of virtual, yet still get an awesome entertainment. In fact, many establishments offer their own brand of discounts when playing any game that’s widely recognized by the worldwide esports community — which will be further discussed in the next point.



Internet Cafes Showcase Diversity in Online Gaming

Like it was said before, every gamer has their own preference of games. Whether it be for consoles or PC, online gaming has definitely come a long way, especially with the numerous games released over the years. In this instance, the amount of online games ready to be played further widens your options as a gamer. Simply take your pick of the game you wish to play and have as much fun as you want!


Key Takeaway

The growth that the esports community has experienced has been profound and well-deserved — all thanks to the abundance of internet cafés around every neighborhood of the country, including Mineski Infinity.


Mineski started out as a group of friends with an extreme love for gaming in 2004. After entering their first tournament that same time (and of course, beating their first opposing team in that same tournament), things took off for them from there! Various teams were formed, championships were won and lost, and sponsorships came pouring in. In time, after a rather harrowing incident with one of the internet cafés they trained in, Mineski began to think of opening a place where gamers from all around can flock together and train at their hardest to launch their own careers in esports, as well as gain experience for the next tournament they enter. On May 2008, the cybercafé that pioneered the esports community here in the Philippines opened their doors for numerous gaming hopefuls everywhere!


Known then as Mineski Grounds, the café catered to every other gaming hopeful there was. With various online games and numerous tournaments held firmly under their belt, Mineski Grounds then eventually evolve into something huge, something that would eventually be known around the country as one of the premier gaming cybercafés to ever exist. From then on, Mineski Infinity was born.


From the first tournament they’ve ever held known as Mineski 101 to times today, Mineski Infinity is among the many internet cafés to be given thanks for the rise of the Philippine esports community. For all the gamers who hope to make a name for themselves in the world of esports, Mineski and all the other gaming establishments are always, and will always be there to give you the head start you need — and for that, salutes are in order!

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