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A Historical Perspective on esports Communities

November 29, 2017 0 comments 4 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

The mere idea of playing video games as a person’s career is obviously controversial, to say the least, ever since the term “video game” was introduced. However, those who are patient are always rewarded and that is why from the very first recorded video game competition until today, the esports community is now the largest it has ever been. It has quickly grown in popularity and reputation – too quick that no one expected for it to become this successful when it was first introduced to mainstream media.

A person’s esports career entails that they should have the necessary dedication, skill, and mindset to keep going when things get rough. The success of the esports community is partly due to the unending support of ordinary people that enjoy watching their favorite game be played by the best esports players. However, it wasn’t always this successful. The esports scene needed to trek a long and difficult road in order to get where it is today.



History of esports

History of esports

The earliest record of competitive gaming was during October of 1972. The game that was played was called “SPACEWAR”. The players were all Stanford students and they played in the university’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The official name of the event was the “Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics”, and the prize was a 1-year subscription to Rolling Stone Magazine. This event was recorded due to the fact that Rolling Stone reported it in one of their issues.

Afterward, the earliest recorded huge-scale gaming competition would be Atari’s Space Invaders Championship in 1980. The competition would receive an upwards of 10,000 participants, all battling each other to be the last man standing (there was only one winner for the entire event). This certain event would eventually be the ground on where the esports community would lay its foundation on to be able to have a future in the society.

Fortunately, after years of effort from numerous people, esports truly had its rise during the 1990’s when the first “proper” esports tournament was held. The tournament was called “Red Annihilation” and the game played was the first-person shooter, Quake – which was considered as the first instance of esports. It drew over 2,000 participants, and the prize that was offered by the organizers was Quake lead developer, John Carmack’s Ferrari.

The 1990’s esports scene was mainly focused on a first-person shooter, sports, and arcade games. However, during the late 90’s, the rise of Starcraft, a real-time strategy game, made its mark on the esports scene.

Eventually, fighting games and massive online battle arena (MOBA) games also came to the esports spotlight. Over the years, the esports scene has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity which is why it is invested on by people all around the world.


Philippine esports

Philippine esports

Slowly but surely, the influence of esports traveled all around the world and eventually arrived in the Philippines. Since the esports scene has become a global phenomenon, attracting millions upon millions of enthusiasts worldwide, obviously, the Philippines was not an exception.

Of course, the Philippine esports scene couldn’t improve without organizations properly handling it to take every correct turn. One organization that is at the helm of stabilizing the foundations of the future of the Philippine esports community is Mineski Infinity – envisioning a bigger, better, and brighter esports scene for the Philippines.


Key Takeaway

Right now, the esports community is bigger than ever, and we could safely expect for the numbers to continuously rise in the following years. As it looks now, the esports scene has nowhere to go but up. That is what we, the esports fans and enthusiasts, are excited to see.

From its humble beginnings, esports can now be considered as a giant in the sports industry.

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