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The Growth of Philippine esports

January 05, 2018 0 comments 4 min. read
By mineskijuno

The term esports has been in the limelight for quite a while now. However, most people usually think that it’s a relatively new industry that has not yet gained enough traction to be a worthy investment that can generate profit. In the Philippines, esports is a relatively new concept that is not widely accepted by the masses because, frankly, they do not understand the intricacies of the esports industry.


The fact of the matter is that according to CNN, esports, as an industry that focuses entertainment, is predicted to have a worth of $19 billion by the year 2019. This estimate is not something to be ignored because, from its humble beginnings, esports has come a long way.


Here in the Philippines, esports has already come a long way. From the historic victory of a Philippine team over the top team OG during Dota 2’s The International 6 to the holding of two major DotA 2 events here in the Philippines, the Philippine esports scene has been through a lot.



The Growth of Philippine esports

The Growth of Philippine esports

Much like how the esports industry started, the Philippine esports scene had its start through the innate competitiveness of people. The desire to dominate their opponent, to achieve victory, and be a better player. All of these is what gave birth to the Philippine esports scene.


However, it was not smooth sailing. Every great thing does not come easy. The Philippine esports scene spent a long time in nurturing local tournaments that only attracted a few number of participants. Local internet cafe’s held tournaments for their customers and they offered cash prizes that would pale in comparison with other national tournaments.


Fortunately, efforts from numerous entities eventually came to fruition. Annual national tournaments for different esports games such as League of Legends and DotA 2 came about and slowly brought the Philippine esports scene into the spotlight. Events like League of Legends’ Rampage, where the finals for the best Filipino teams for LoL is held and it also doubles as a convention for all the League of Legends enthusiasts has been around for a while now… and is just getting better.


However, this was not the peak of the Philippine esports scene’s growth. The first ever major DotA 2 event was held here in the Philippines. ESL One Manila was one of the most exciting events that have ever graced the Philippine stage. It opened the eyes of organizers, developers, and gamers that the Philippines could compete with esports centric countries, and that the Philippines was a worthy stage of holding important esports tournaments.


Only after a few months, another “major” DotA 2 event graced the Philippine stage. The Manila Major happened, and it was spectacular. Thousands upon thousands attended the event, and it was jampacked with action, excitement, and adrenaline. It was definitely one of the most memorable events that ever happened in the Philippine esports scene.


Key Takeaway

The growth of the Philippine esports scene could not be achieved without the tireless efforts of various entities that make it a point to grow, improve, and develop the Philippine esports scene. One such entity is Mineski – a group of people that are passionate about propagating the esports scene not just in the Philippines, but also in the entire South East Asia. Ever since the days wherein DotA was just a modification for Warcraft 3, Mineski Infinity was a name that was known throughout the country. As a result, the name of Mineski Infinity has resounded throughout Southeast Asia as one of the foremost entities that support the esports scene. Additionally, they were one of the forerunners for the Philippine esports scene, and because of their tireless efforts (along with other entities), the Philippine esports scene is, slowly but surely, reaching its peak.


The developments for the Philippine esports scene is nothing short of amazing, and it makes all the enthusiasts excited about the future.

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