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Esports Philippines: Choosing the Right Gaming Cafe to Play in

March 27, 2018 0 comments 6 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

What are the things to consider when choosing the right gaming cafe to play in?

  1. The library of games
  2. Its location
  3. The player environment
  4. Membership services
  5. Gaming comfortably



With the emergence of esports in the Philippines, opportunities have appeared for video gamers, both casual and diehard ones, to take their passion to a different level.

Gamers are equipped with the necessary tools they can use to up their game, such as other players to gain experience from, strategy guides on the Internet and from other sources, and plenty of tournaments where they can hone their skills.

How good players are or can depend mostly on themselves, but where they practice plays a significant part in the process. Some prefer to build their own personal gaming computers in their homes and do their gaming there, but others opt to play in gaming Internet cafes.

These gaming cafes, more popularly known as “computer shops” in the Philippines, usually provide gamers the essential equipment they need. But, of course, not all gamers have the same set of standards.

It is because of this very reason that identifying the right gaming cafe to play in is a major factor in pursuing an esports career in the Philippines.

In this article, you will read about what you should look out for when selecting a gaming internet cafe to grind in.



The Library of Games

The Library of Games

While the majority of gaming cafes have the most updated libraries of video games, others don’t have the particular games that some players play. This isn’t a common scenario, but it happens.

An example would be two equally competitive video games of the same genre. They have small differences, but enough to give each other their own unique identities.

If Game A is more popular than Game B, then it’s a possible scenario that some gaming cafes only have Game A in their library—so if you happened to be a Game B player, these cafes are obviously not for you.

If you have decided to dedicate your time and effort to Game B, stick to it because it’s likely that you enjoy it more and can become better at it. Don’t switch to Game A just because it’s what’s available at the nearest gaming cafe.



Where It’s Located

Where It’s Located

If you’re serious about pursuing a professional gaming career, then you will need to spend hours upon hours of practice. This isn’t much of a problem for those who would rather game at home, but for those who prefer gaming cafes, it is—unless the cafe in question has kitchens and beds.

The right gaming cafe for you must be in a prime location. An hour of travel time is acceptable, but more than that will tire you out.

Beginning your gaming session when you’re fatigued may affect how well you perform, or it may not initially, but soon enough, you’ll see its effects. For one, you will get worn out faster. You can try to dismiss it as an off day, but the effects are there.

The gaming cafe doesn’t need to be five minutes away from your home. As long as you can get there and back home without exhausting yourself and wasting too much time, you’re good to go.



The Player Environment

Many a gamer has played with toxic players—players who are better trash talkers than actual competitors. They’re not fun to play with and are only tolerated for the sake of your own sportsmanship, yet somehow, they can occasionally get on your nerves really bad.

Now, imagine players of the kind, incessantly screaming and cursing, in front of you, behind you, and beside you. Congratulations on discovering entirely new levels of bad gaming experiences!

The kind of people you want to be playing with, or around, are the ones who remain calm regardless of whether they are winning or losing the match. Noisy ones are only distractions—a few are okay, but if more than half of the people in the cafe are bad-mannered, steer clear.



Membership Services

The prices that gaming cafes offer are usually reasonable, but the accumulated hours you spend may equate to a hefty amount.

That said, some gaming cafes offer membership services such as various benefits and discounts. These services usually have a point system at the core, wherein points are acquired by spending hours on gaming in any branch of the same cafe.

With membership services, you will be getting your money’s worth, and usually, the longer you are a member, the more benefits there are for you.



Gaming Comfortably

Gaming Comfortably

Gaming comfortably isn’t just about sitting in the most comfortable gaming chairs. Other factors include:

  • How the monitor affects your eyes
  • Ergonomic peripherals
  • The ambiance of the place itself

Ensuring that the monitors aren’t hard on your eyes is a priority. You will be staring at it for quite some time, and if your eyes aren’t comfortable with it, it could affect your focus in a negative way.

The keyboard and the mouse—or the controller—will be your primary tools. If you use ones that aren’t ergonomic for extended periods of your time, you may injure your hands or wrists. Remember, mental awareness and finger dexterity are your best friends in competitive gaming, and you can’t afford to lose either one.

Last but not least is how the place itself appeals to you. Sometimes, bad lighting or air conditioning is enough to affect the performance of a gamer. Other times, the place is too flashy for the player to stay focused.

It’s recommended that you pick a place which is just right in terms of comfort, and one you can stay in for hours without feeling uneasy.



Key Takeaway

Choosing the right gaming cafe is just as important as knowing a game inside out.

It must be convenient to the player and comfortable to play in, and members or gamers who frequent the place must have pleasant and professional attitudes.

Where gamers play in can affect their performance and focus; hence, the environment must be one which allows them to think clearly and have a great time all at once.

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