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4 Classic Online Games You Should Play Again This Summer

April 30, 2018 0 comments 6 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

Some video games are meant to revolutionize the gaming industry and survive against the times.


What are classic online games you should play again this summer?

  1. Counter-Strike 1.6
  2. FlyFF
  3. Ragnarok Online
  4. World of Warcraft


To say that the online gaming community has grown large is an understatement. Thousands of quality video games are accessible on different devices such as computers, gaming consoles, and even smart devices—everyone has the opportunity to enjoy video games if they wanted to.

Ten years ago, however, there weren’t app stores or online video game markets that provided players access to these video games. If a person wanted to play a particular video game but didn’t have a gaming device, it was very simple: he couldn’t play the game. Even if he did have a platform to play the game on, he would still need to drop by the local game shop and fall in a long line. Sometimes, the game they wanted were out of stock, and they had to wait until it was available again.

Gaming truly has gone a long way. More people have come to appreciate video games as the years went by, but this doesn’t imply that the older games weren’t as good in terms of quality. In terms of graphics, modern games are naturally superior, but some older games were so great that they are still enjoyable to play, even until today.

Back then, gaming for a few hours with friends at games cafes were enough, and the games themselves helped make those memories unforgettable.

In this article, you will be reading about classic online games that you should play again this summer. Don’t fret—all of the games on this list still have online servers.



CS 1.6 (Source - Mod DB)

(Source: Mod DB)

Counter-Strike 1.6

Headshots. Desert Eagle. Bullpup. De_dust. Say any one of these words, and you’re sure to grab the attention of anyone who has played the legendary and immortal Counter-Strike, developed by Valve.

Counter-Strike is known as the progenitor of first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. People who have played the game will remember it for its awesome gameplay mechanics, executing team tactics to eliminate players from the other team, and for the vast ways to kill opponents with an array of weapons and equipment.

The original Counter-Strike didn’t actually have an online mode, but 1.6 did. It features the very same gameplay we have all come to love, and allowed players from all across the globe to compete with each other. True, there are countless first-person shooters available today, but Counter-Strike will always hold a special place in every gamer’s heart.



FlyFF (Source - Webzen)

(Source: FlyFF Webzen)

FlyFF (Fly for Fun)

FlyFF was a prototypical MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) developed by Gala Lab.

In the game, you slay enemies, level up, change classes, and team up with other players to gain experience points faster. It’s a rather simple concept that applies to all games similar to it, but FlyFF made its mark with one, insanely fun feature: flying.

The game offers a massive world map that players are free to roam, with beautiful environments and filled with mobs that are always ready to challenge the player. FlyFF also offered special events that gave players the opportunity to acquire rare items and equipment, or explore entirely new maps.

With a huge landmass to explore via air and countless monsters to go up against, FlyFF truly gave its players a unique experience.



Ragnarok (Source - Ragnarok Online)

(Source: Ragnarok Online)

Ragnarok Online

Developed by Gravity, Ragnarok Online was so successful that it spawned an animated series which was equally loved in the Philippines.

Ragnarok Online was known for its job system, which determines the strengths and weaknesses of a particular player; the skills he can learn; and the equipment he can make use of. There were initially only 13 classes to choose from, but via several subsequent updates, the count has increased to over 50.

People who played Ragnarok Online also know it as “Ragna”, and it would be a heck of a nostalgia trip to play it once more.



WoW (Source - New Delhi Television)

(Source: New Delhi Television)

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, or WoW, is an MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment, who was responsible for classic strategy games like StarCraft and Warcraft.

World of Warcraft allows players extensive customization options, allowing them to select the gender, race, and class. The game takes place in the massive and breathtaking world of Azeroth, where there is always a lot of things to do and a lot of people to play with.

World of Warcraft is still loved by many gamers today, and received critical acclaim upon its release—so if you feel like giving it a go, no time is ever a bad time to do so.



Key Takeaway

Some video games are timeless, and are fun no matter when you play them. This summer is perfect for you to revisit them, as it’s a fantastic idea to spend your free time immersing yourself in the games that had a major impact in the development of the online gaming community today. No matter many more video games are released in the future, these games will always be held in the highest regard, and will be loved by gamers forever.

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