5 Reasons Why Southeast Asia is One of the Biggest Regions for esports

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Why is Southeast Asia one of the biggest regions for esports?

  1. Gamers can extend their gaming to mobile.
  2. Most esports tournaments are held in Southeast Asia.
  3. Many of the most famous esports teams hail from Southeast Asia.
  4. There are numerous gaming cafes around Southeast Asia.
  5. Console gamers can also compete in esports.


esports are some of the biggest phenomena to ever make it into the mainstream. With a massive roster of games and an equally massive number of followers, there is no doubt that the esports community has gotten its great share of exposure to the world, most particularly in Southeast Asia.

esports in Southeast Asia is an even greater scope to consider when it comes to the statistics follow. In fact, the Philippines can boast as much as 1.4 million players, while other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam can showcase up to 2 million, 1.8 million, and 2.8 million players respectively. Nonetheless, gaming in the Philippines has grown considerably over the years, which is why the country being a part of Southeast Asia for esports is all the more worthwhile! With that said, here are some of the best reasons as to why Southeast Asia is considered to be one of the biggest regions for esports!



Gamers Can Extend their Gaming to Mobile Means

Gamers Can Extend their Gaming to Mobile Means

When one talks about esports in Southeast Asia, or rather training for the tournament itself, one would usually assume that it would only be limited to being in front of the PC. With that being said, gamers, especially from the Philippines and any other country from Southeast Asia, can extend their love of gaming to the mobile world. That way, they are able to bring their experience in gaming to a whole new level.



Most esports Tournaments Are Held in Southeast Asia

Most esports Tournaments Are Held in Southeast Asia

When it comes to the competition of esports itself, it’s no surprise that a majority of esports tournaments are held in none other than Southeast Asia. Tournaments that center on certain games such as Overwatch, DotA 2, LoL, and Destiny are sure to attract a sizeable number of devoted gamers from the continent. Plus, most gamers from around the world have flocked to the region to play their hand in beating some of the many pros of esports, which have ended in both victory and defeat at times.



Many of the Most Famous esports Teams Hail from Southeast Asia
Image Source: http://www.yugatech.com/events-interviews/mineski-and-asus-rog-launch-mi-blitz/#q5yViVW8Gj5YDv88.97

Many of the Most Famous esports Teams Hail from Southeast Asia

The road to being a professional gamer is never easy. There are just as many obstacles for any aspiring professional gamer to overcome just to be able to achieve the dream of a lifetime. Luckily for many, most esports teams hail from the region, always ready to even the playing field – maybe even dominate it.

esports teams from Southeast Asia such as Mineski from the Philippines, GIGABYTE Marines from Vietnam, and Team Rigel from Singapore have all made their impacts in the world of esports. With numerous other teams hailing from other countries in the Southeast, other teams from around the world should definitely watch out!



There are Numerous Gaming Cafes Around Southeast Asia

There are Numerous Gaming Cafes Around Southeast Asia

It is indeed true that there are numerous gaming cafes around Southeast Asia, most especially here in the Philippines. The numerous gaming cafes that can be found all around the region have served as training grounds for the numerous esports teams that hail from their respective countries, further making them forces to be reckoned with on the field. Plus, with that much variety of gaming cafes around the region, it’s no wonder that there are numerous opportunities up and about in the Southeast Asian esports community!



Console Gamers Can Compete in esports as Well

Console Gamers Can Compete in esports as Well

Though not as widely recognized as their PC counterparts, there are definitely some console gamers out there in esports! Since most 8th generation consoles are able to provide online multiplayer in many of their games, gaming in the Philippines and other countries of Southeast Asia and across the world has definitely widened their reach to new heights! Plus, there is also just as much variety of console games just as there is with PC games, making the esports community even wider than before!


Key Takeaway

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. With the Southeastern region taking the center of the spotlight, it’s safe to say that Southeast Asia definitely has their fair share of tricks up their sleeves!

So, there you have it! These five reasons why Southeast Asia is one of the biggest regions when it comes to esports. These should be more than enough to entice your support for esports community. For every gamer who hails from the region, every game from around the world salutes you!

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