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The Benefits of Joining an Online Gaming Community in the Philippines

July 20, 2018 0 comments 5 min. read
By Mineski Update Lord

Gaming communities are good not only for improving skills—they can help individuals develop as well.



What are the benefits of joining an online gaming community in the Philippines?

  1. New social circles
  2. Self-empowerment
  3. Sense of belonging



The past year has witnessed a tremendous growth in the gaming industry. Many new games were developed and many of the more classic ones are getting revamped and improved for the loyal fans. The online games community has grown exponentially because of how much presence the industry has received and as predicted by market analysts that focused on gaming, it is still going on an upward trend.

Unlike the past stigma that plagued the gaming industry, it is now widely accepted across the world which is mainly because of the very active communities that advocate how helpful gaming really is. The gaming communities are one of the biggest reasons why the gaming industry took off.

These days, you will rarely see a gamer that plays games on their own—or at least don’t participate in an online game community. These people would initially look for communities in order for them to find out more about the game they enjoy and love but over time, they will soon realize that they stayed because of the people and the benefits that joining the community had brought them.



New Social Circles

If you have ever been a part of a gaming community, then you would agree that one of the main reasons for joining one is to meet new people. These people would probably like and play the same games that you do and without any warning, a conversation will instantly spawn among you, and you’ll have a great time talking about a game that you love.

In these gaming communities, you will be able to openly talk about a lot of things that you won’t be able to with the people you normally hang out with, particularly when they aren’t into video games like you. A common occurrence is that when a gamer is talking very passionately about a game they play to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, that person would openly show how he or she doesn’t see it as worth listening to, and this can be very sad for the passionate gamer. When you are surrounded by people who are as passionate as you are, mingling with them will always be an enjoyable experience.

Meeting new people is the start. More often than not, becoming a part of an online gaming community will make you socialize more and eventually expand your social circle to greater heights. The best part is, you know that the friends you will make here all have something similar with you, and that is a love for playing games.





Another thing that communities, in general, are known for are the ways it can help a person become empowered. Online gaming communities consist of individuals who are highly passionate about a game they love. The people in these communities all have something going on in their lives and because of this, the members of a community would usually be very open to all kinds of cries for help.

The gaming community is considered one of the most tight-knit kinds of communities out there. Because of gaming’s humble beginnings among barrages of negativity and rejection, the people who have stayed loyal and passionate about it have developed a sense of continually nurturing and helping those who enter the realm of online games.

Some of the people here are those who were social wallflowers during their school years and such, and these people usually find respite in playing video games. In some cases, they use it as an escape from reality because not everyone has an easygoing life. Gaming communities provide a place for these people to start a new, where members are always willing to help and give you support when you need it.



Sense of Belonging

As mentioned above, most people initially join gaming communities because they want to learn more about games they love and meet people with the same interest. When they consistently become active and socialize with these communities, they would eventually form friendships, connections, and a sense of belonging to everyone else. This is what makes them stay.

Being a part of a community is a great way of creating and maintaining relationships. When you are actively participating in it, you would soon feel attached to it and the people within the community. Being part of a gaming community makes a person more sociable in a way.

To some, this has helped them tremendously as they treat their gaming communities as a family. It is easy to talk about games and enjoyment in these communities, but when it comes down to it, a member can easily open up and everyone else is willing to be a support group for an avid and loved member.



Key Takeaway

Joining an online gaming community, or any kind of community is a great option if you want to expand your social circle. Moreover, when you become active in one, you’ll see how much it can help you both as a gamer, and an individual.

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