Mineski Infinity: A Brief History

our story

Our Story

The first Mineski cybercafe, Mineski Grounds, was launched on 2008 along Taft Avenue, Metro Manila, Philippines. It was created as the first-ever internet cafe in the Philippines to cater specifically to gamers and the budding esports community.

our story
our growth

Our Growth

The Mineski Infinity gaming internet cafe franchise has also expanded beyond the Philippines to the rest of Southeast Asia. We have branches in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia to help cater to Southeast Asia's online gaming community.

Now, the Mineski Infinity gaming internet café franchise and community is the largest in the region with over 100 branches and 300,000 members.

Mission and Vision


Our Mission

To empower gamers by providing them the best spaces and opportunities for growth.


Our Mission

A place gamers can call home, where they can expect nothing less than a truly-one-of-a-kind gaming experience and lifestyle.

Core Values



We embody the Filipino value of "malasakit", through our compassion for gamers of many walks of life who visit our cafes.



We establish openness, fairness, and honesty in all our endeavors with our clients and employees.



We commit ourselves towards higher competence and respectable conduct to ensure our positive impact in our communities.



We are driven to pursue the best for gamers because are ourselves gamers who love the world of esports and gaming.


Customer Centric

The customer is at the center of our operations. We work tirelessly to provide only the highest quality of service for gamers.



We strive to be at the forefront of esports and gaming in Southeast Asia, and are unafraid to pursue new and exciting ideas for the industry.



Our every small success is tempered with the understanding that we are part of a larger community of gamers that we constantly strive to support.



From our highly-trained employees to our investment in the best gaming technology, we bring you excellence in every aspect of our service.



Cybercafes Services


Membership Services


we are family

We Are A Family

Mineski Infinity members are a part of a larger family of gamers. We make sure that our loyal customers can find a second home in Mineski Infinity, from member gatherings, to Christmas parties, and more!

we are family
mmr warrior

Become Stronger With Us

Mineski Infinity supports the growth of local gaming talent through programs like the MMR Warrior program and tournaments for gamers of all types. We want to help you become the best player you can be.

responsible gaming

Responsible Gaming

We have always advocated for responsible gaming. We help guide Mineski Infinity members towards a life balance of gaming with other responsibilities. We believe that gaming can be a healthy part of a person’s lifestyle.

responsible gaming
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