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7 Online Games for You and Your Special Someone to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day

What are online games for you and your loved one to enjoy for Valentine’s day? Overwatch Second Life PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Portal 2 Co-Op Borderlands 2 League of Legends Kingdom Hearts   Everybody loves playing video games – the numerous XP points, the leveling up, and the amount of playing fields you and your team can […]


How Internet Cafes Helped Grow the esports Community

How did internet cafes help in the growth of the esports community? They serve as great training grounds for aspiring professional gamers. They are mostly open 24/7. They provide comfort for numerous gamers. They are convenient in terms of location. They offer affordable rates. They offer a lot of diversity in online gaming.   Gaming […]

How esports Became an Industry Game Changer Blog

How esports Became an Industry Game Changer

The video game industry is one of the largest industries in the world – with its biggest companies earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every single year. In a world where technology and entertainment dominate everyday life, video games are seen as forms of entertainment that immerses people into entirely different worlds where […]

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