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esports Philippines: The National Pastime

How did esports become the National Pastime? Internet cafes are where esports started in the Philippines. Why internet cafes became the venue for the Philippines’ national pastime? A little bit of the history of internet cafes and why it became the number one choice for most people when they wanted to play esports games.   […]

The Philippine esports Community Blog

The Philippine esports Community

The Philippine esports community is stronger than ever. This is due to the stellar performance of an esports team from the Philippines during The International back in 2016. The team’s win over the expected winners, OG, sent a message to the world; the Philippines is not just a second-rate country in terms of esports – […]


The Growth of Philippine esports

The term esports has been in the limelight for quite a while now. However, most people usually think that it’s a relatively new industry that has not yet gained enough traction to be a worthy investment that can generate profit. In the Philippines, esports is a relatively new concept that is not widely accepted by […]

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